A survivor

La Bouée is a helping hand and a listening ear. The intervention workers there know what it’s like to believe that no one cares, to feel alone, suffocated, in your own thoughts with the violence you have lived.  They know how just one person can help and change someone’s life. La Bouée is all this and more.

I was at La Bouée twice for a few months each time. It’s not just like any old shelter; it’s like family. The workers are very nice caring people willing to help you. At first I was not sure and was not ready; I would go back to my ex and think he had changed and it would work but I was wrong. The staff never judged me they continued to help me. The second time I was there, I really worked on myself. From the first time I was there to the time that I left- the staff saw all the work I did. I was ready to rebuild my life without my ex. Today I’m proud to say, even if it’s still hard; I am not with him and am strong enough to not go back. I got myself out of a life of violence. My words to you are to be strong, have faith, love yourself and take it one day at a time. Take little steps each day. Get all the help you need and never let anyone put you down. With time and help, you will make it. Good luck and most of all never ever give up.


A survivor of a violent relationship